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南非总统祖马宣布辞职 中国春运开始

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The president of South Africa has resigned. Jacob Zuma made the announcement yesterday in a nationally televised address. He lost support from his political party, the African National Congress, following a series of corruption scandals tied to his government.

Former President Zuma said he disagreed with his party for demanding his resignation on Tuesday and for calling for a no confidence vote on him on Wednesday. But he said he would continue to serve the people of South Africa, as well as the African National Congress.

For its part, the party said it only made the decision to recall him after exhaustive discussions on how it would impact the country, the party and the government. We could find more about former President Zuma and the pressure on him to resign in yesterday's show. That's at CNN10.com.

Up next is what's known as the world's largest annual human migration. It's the Chinese New Year, celebrated in many Asian countries as Lunar New Year. It doesn't start in the same date every year as far as the Gregorian calendar goes. The lunar New Year, as the name implies, begins with a new moon specifically the second new moon after the winter solstice.

So, this time, that date is on Friday. It's the start of the year 4716 in the Chinese calendar, and this one will be known as the year of the dog. That's one of 12 animals that rotate every 12 years on the Chinese calendar.

The celebration, especially in China, is huge. It lasts for 15 days, gifts are exchanged, festivals are held, and one of the most important traditions, families will gather, with some folks traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to be with their relatives. Because that involves so many people in China, the world's most populated country, you can see how the title of world's largest migration ties into Chinese New Year.





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